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Top 96 Blogs for Recovering Alcoholics

Every year, millions of Americans become recovering alcoholics. Whether it’s your first time recovering from addiction or a relapse that you’re determined to bring yourself out of, these blogs and websites will aide recovering alcoholics on their journey to break an addiction. Excessive drinking often leads to more severe drug use, but even on its own, it can take a toll on your liver and other organs, causing you to go far before your time’s up. Keep a strong support system around you, whether that’s comprised of family members or close friends and recovering addict counselors.

Top AA and 12 Step Blogs

The 12 step system is the way many recovering alcoholics choose to kick the habit. These blogs have tips on sticking to the 12 steps and overcoming each one with grace.

    1. Alcoholics Anonymous This is the online home of AA, where recovering alcoholics can seek help and find an AA meeting in their area.

    2. 12 Step Podcast This site no longer updates, but the archived podcasts are just what some need for finding inspiration to make it through each step.

    3. 12 Steps Chatroom At this site, those on the 12 step program share tips for making it through each day and how to overcome daily obstacles that once triggered drinking.

    4. Awakened Rediscoveries The writer of this recovery blog talks about using the 12 step system to overcome his own addictions and shares tips on tackling each step to benefit your life.

    5. The AA Blog This blog discusses knowing when you’re ready for a recovery program and how to find the strength to ask for help when you feel helpless on your own.

    6. 12 Steps Again This site no longer updates, but has a slue of articles on utilizing the 12 step program so it works for you. There are also tips for apps to keep the end goal in mind when in a bar or at a party.

    7. A Global Recovery This site examines addiction recovery programs throughout the world. The 12 step program is used in nearly every country and has been adapted to several different regions.

    8. 12 Step Family This site is the go-to for help and inspiration for sticking with the 12 step program. It has amazing posts from life coaches and recovery counselors who’ve helped people kick their addictions.

    9. Sober Greetings This blogger is going through AA and blogs about it regularly. It’s a great blog for understanding what to expect when going to your first AA meeting.

    10. Jim’s Collection of Spiritual Sayings For those looking for words of wisdom on recovering and coming out of alcohol abuse, this site offers stories of inspiration that will motivate you to stay on the right track.

    11. Being Sober This woman has been sober since the mid-‘80s using the AA method. Read about her daily struggles and use her as an inspiration to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    12. Maui Historian This blog is all about the background of the AA program so many recovering addicts find helpful when needing guidance to quit drinking or doing drugs.

    13. Texan Dave This blogger shows you how to keep your head up when times are tough and has used AA to kick drinking. He’s been sober for a few years and blogs on his hardships.

    14. Addiction Blog – Alcohol This is one of the most comprehensive blogs we’ve come across that will help an alcoholic identify their addiction and move forward to a 12 step program for recovery.

    15. Recovered Alcoholic This recovery blog deciphers the 12 steps for those going through them or loved ones who are serving as support system for a recovering addict. It also talks about how to approach someone you think may have a drinking problem.

Top Blogs for Recovering Alcoholics

Here, blogs and websites take a look at the trigger causes of relapsing and how to avoid situations that may cause you to abuse alcohol.

    16. Mark Houston Recovery Blog At this site, you’ll find tips for dealing with many addictions, but the posts aimed at alcoholics will help you identify the problems in your life that are causing excessive drinking.

    17. About Alcoholism For recovering alcoholics who are taking it one day at a time, this site provides endless inspiration and tips for making it through each day.

    18. Dry Blog For those who can handle a bit of humor with their recovery, this alcohol recovery blog is brilliant for getting inspirational quotes and seeing how addictions have evolved over the years.

    19. My Way Out This site no longer updates, but the archived articles are a must-read for recovering alcoholics. The post over how to deal with alcohol at holiday parties is a great read with tips you can use.

    20. Early Recovery This blog is penned by a recovering alcoholic who talks about the major changes that come with altering your lifestyle to stay away from booze.

    21. Addiction Recovery Blog This site is brought to you by a recovering addict who takes it one day at a time. It talks about laughter, letting go and how to find your inner strength. It’s a must-read for those who feel they’re alone in this struggle.

    22. Brighton Hospital This site no longer publishes, but the past posts include heavy topics that every recovering addict must tackle at one point when breaking a bad habit.

    23. Malibu Beach Recovery Blog This blog is an extension of a recovery center’s website and talks about how to realize you’re ready for a recovery program and strong enough to come out successful.

    24. Choose Help This recovery blog gives you plenty of stats that just may scare you straight when it comes to alcohol abuse. Learn how quickly alcohol abuse can cause your life to switch gears, especially when you’re unaware of how fast your drinking is getting out of control.

    25. Karen’s Aha Moments This alcohol recovery blog no longer updates, but the years of archived posts will show you one woman’s journey of overcoming drinking and living to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

    26. One Day at a Time…Through My Eyes This recovering alcoholic talks about her development with the AA program and lives a”normal” life while keeping her drinking in check.

Blogs on How to Cope with Recovering

Recovering from any addiction is not easy. Some look to religion, while others take a spiritual approach that includes new wave practices like yoga and meditation.

    27. Steveroni’s Blog This blogger is 36 years sober and loving life thanks to a new outlook brought on by alcohol recovery. The blog takes a realistic look at being a recovering alcoholic and has nuggets of wisdom for those going through a similar journey.

    28. Sober Celebrations If you need to get away, but fear the temptation of alcohol when you’re on vacation, check out this site for sober cruises where everyone is staying away from the bottle.

    29. AA – Big Book Online This AA site has a bevy of stories on recovering and getting yourself through each day with the big picture in mind.

    30. Two Listeners For those who’ve found God while recovering from an addiction, this site offers a fresh outlook that will help you stay away from alcohol for good.

    31. She’s In Recovery From Addiction This recovery blog is aimed at women and teaching them how to move onward and upward with their independence and self-assurance.

    32. Sober Stock This is an annual event where recovering alcoholics can meet and mingle and listen to music played by recovering musicians.

    33. He Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying This recovering alcoholic has been sober for a number of years and shows others that it’s appreciating the little things that will improve your quality of life in the long run.

    34. I’m Just F.I.N.E. This blogger dealt with an alcoholic parent growing up and is now with an alcoholic companion who is seeking recovery. Read about her personal struggle and the unconditional love that helps the situation, rather than hurting it with mindless words.

    35. Surrender Towin Read about this addict’s recovery and how to take it one day at a time, even when your world seems to be caving in and you feel yourself relapsing.

    36. Mr. SponsorPants This blog is penned by an AA sponsor. It proves that sometimes tough love is just what a recovering addict needs to shake themselves of a bad habit.

    37. SoberNuggets This recovering alcoholic encourages others to participate in this blog via comments to share inspiration with each other and even a laugh or two.

    38. No More Merlot This blog provides an eye opening look at the life of a mother who is regaining her confidence and recovering from alcohol abuse, giving herself and her family, a new lease on life.

    39. Attitude of Gratitude Sometimes taking the time to say what you’re thankful for is enough to get you through each day with ease. This site shows you how to appreciate the little things in your life and move forward with recovery.

    40. Zane Jabbers This blog no longer publishes, but the archived posts are a simple look at life through the eyes of a recovering alcoholic. One of the best tips it offers is closing each day by naming what you’re thankful for in life.

    41. Elegant Blessings This blogger has been sober for decades and shares tips on looking at life with a new perspective after stepping away from alcohol.

Blogs with Innovative Approaches to Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

If you’re a recovering alcoholic who’s battled addiction before and been through the 12 step program, you may consider these new, innovative approaches to kicking an addiction for good.

    42. 1 Door Away from Heaven This recovering addict uses the power of poetry to cope with feelings and the urge to relapse. Even if you have no background in writing, expressing your thoughts on paper can help clear your mind and get through the day.

    43. Recover Forever This site has links to alternative recovery programs around the United States for those who want to go beyond the local AA meetings.

    44. Habit Doc This recovery program talks about changing your habits through cognitive therapy which eventually sinks in and helps you say no to the bottle on your own.

    45. Alternatives for Alcoholism This amazing blog outlines the different alternative recovery programs you can explore when the 12 step program hasn’t worked for you.

    46. The Alcohol Treatments This site talks about the different types of treatments an alcoholic can look into when trying to find a program that will help them succeed for the long haul.

    47. Spiritual River – How to Overcome Addiction Without Traditional Recovery Techniques A 12 step program isn’t the only road to success. Learn about exercise and spiritual awakenings which can also lead to a healthy lifestyle for good.

    48. Addicted to More – Alternatives to AA Those for looking for recovery methods outside of AA will benefit from reading this addiction blog.

    49. Eclectic Recovery This blogger was able to put an end to her addictions with the help of eclectic recovery, which is the severe lifestyle change that some addicts may need to force them to break a habit.

    50. Moderation Management Maybe your drinking habits aren’t totally out of control, but you’re still consuming more than the average person. This site shows you how to get moderate drinking problems in check before problems balloon beyond your control.

    51. LifeRing With the help of affirmations and empowering yourself. It also talks about supporting others for ultimate success for recovering addicts.

    52. Women for Sobriety This recovery blog is more for those who need words of encouragement when struggling with addiction. It’s aimed at women who want to help other women with their recovery journey.

    53. Charlotte Kasl – 16 Step Program This program revolves around finding courage and power within yourself to overcome any obstacle in life. While it takes courage to undergo this type of treatment for addiction, it has proven to be very successful for a wide audience.

    54. Smart Recovery Program This recovery program uses common sense and provides recovering addicts with the tools they need to say no to their drug of choice. It also works with sponsors, but encourages members to make their own decisions.

    55. Rational Recovery For those who don’t want to take a spiritual approach to recovery, this blog talks about alternative methods that can work if you’re willing to put in the time and have the proper support system around you.

    56. HAMS – Alcohol Harm Reduction Support This organization believes it’s up to the individual to make a change to improve his or her quality of life. HAMS offers peer support via video and web chat.

Detox Blogs for Alcoholics

Detoxing your body will help it get back on track and start running as it should. These blogs discuss detox at length for alcoholics who are looking to make a comeback.

    57. Detox Your Body Today – Alcohol Detox Learn the effects alcohol has on the body after years of excessive consumption and how to flush toxins from your body while getting healthy.

    58. Alcohol Detox Advise Learn the best approach for you to take when detoxing your body from alcohol dependency.

    59. Drug and Alcohol Blog This addiction recovery blog talks about the detox treatments you can expect to experience in various recovery centers across the U.S.

    60. Freedom From Alcohol – Alcohol Withdrawal Dealing with alcohol withdrawal can be a gruesome experience. Learn how to cope and get through the most physically grueling part of alcohol abuse.

    61. Alcohol Treatment Info – Alcohol Detox Protocol When going in to a medical facility to deal with alcohol abuse, these are the procedures you can expect when coping with detox and alcohol withdrawal.

    62. Recovery Connection – Alcohol Treatment Detox Programs This blog post is connected with a treatment center. It gives you insight on what will happen when you enter a recovery program that offers detox for your body to get back on track.

    63. FreshStart Private – Detox Treatment This blog works with a treatment center that offers both in-patient and residential detox programs. It talks about the level of drinking you’ll have to had endured to qualify for a detox program.

    64. eHow – Alcohol Detox Tips Detoxing from alcohol can be done at home, if you have the right tools and someone watching over you to ensure you don’t relapse or choke if having a withdrawal.

    65. eHow – About Alcohol Detox Learn what alcohol detox is and what your body will undergo to gain footing to care for itself once again.

    66. eHow – Alcohol Detox for Women Women’s bodies undergo a different process when coping with alcohol detox. Learn what to expect whether you’re attempting to detox on your own at home or going to a recovery center.

    67. Canada Drug Rehab – Detox Medical Alcohol Drug Rehab Programs At this site you’ll learn how to find a rehab center in Canada, but it also gives you a complete rundown of the various types of detoxification programs out there for recovering alcoholics.

    68. Aging in Canada – Detoxification This blog is aimed at seniors with alcohol abuse problems. It talks about the detox steps taken for those who are in old age and how to bounce back from an addiction.

    69. Alcohol Detox Programs Learn why not everyone goes through a detox program when entering a recovery center. It is not a method that’s used for every recovering alcoholic, and it’s best to leave the decision up to professionals.

    70. Alcohol Drug Rehab Directory Read about the stages of alcohol withdrawal and how a detoxification program can help curb withdrawal symptoms, even for the most severe alcoholics.

    71. Alcoholic Addiction Info – What Helps for Alcohol Withdrawals While there’s no cure all for every type of alcohol withdrawal, this site helps you understand what to expect if you spend time with someone as they go with withdrawals. It’s important to mentally prepare yourself if you’re about to see a loved one go through such an ordeal.

Blogs on Seeking Help as an Alcoholic

It can be difficult to ask for help when you’ve hit rock bottom. These sites show you how to reach out for help and how to graciously accept the love from people who are trying to help you recover from alcohol abuse.

    72. Cyber Recovery At this site, you’ll find tips on finding recovering programs in your area. If you aren’t ready for recovery of the conventional type, this site also provides a safe haven of sorts before you take that big step.

    73. Addiction Recovery Basics At this site you’ll discover how to prep your family and yourself for going into recovery. It also has a helpful section on red flags loved ones should keep an eye on when dealing with a recovering alcoholic.

    74. Alcoholism Support Identifying the underlying problems of what makes you drink is the message of this site. While it doesn’t compensate for a recovery program, it does help you prepare for coming to terms with real solutions for your drinking problem.

    75. Alcohol Recovery Online Blog This blog talks about the health problems that alcohol encourages and how to reach out and help an alcoholic who needs help without turning them off.

    76. Addiction Tribe At this site you’ll find online resources for finding addiction help in your area and you can also mingle with others struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

    77. Recovery Zone Learn how to ask for help and how accept help, love and compassion from those who want to see you succeed. You can also follow the blog on Twitter for daily inspiration.

    78. Addiction Advisor – Motivate Someone to Seek Help for Alcoholism If you’re wondering how to support someone who has come to you with thoughts of their alcohol abuse, this site provides a great crash course in how to be a rock during tough times.

    79. Spiritual River –How to Help an Alcoholic Appropriately supporting a recovering alcoholic doesn’t mean becoming a yes man and catering to their every whim. Learn the right ways to support someone struggling with addiction.

    80. Reach Out – Helping a Friend with a Drinking Problem Learn how to approach a friend or family member who you think is drinking excessively to deal with life’s problems.

    81. Health Product Advice – Negative Effects of Alcoholism and Where to Seek Help for It Learn what you’re putting your body through by consuming numerous drinks per day and how to reach out to someone you love for help and support through your recovery.

    82. How Do I Get My Son Off Drugs? – Whose Help Can an Alcoholic Seek? Many addicts do not want to turn to family or friends of help. This article breaks down other people who are willing to help you seek recovery.

    83. All About Life Challenges – Alcohol Addiction Learn how to identify a drinking problem and the next steps to take to ensure it doesn’t lead to your demise.

    84. Help Guide – Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Self-Help Before any counselor, therapist or family member can support your lifestyle change, you must first look within yourself and find the courage to make those changes for good.

    85. Medic8 – Alcohol, Addiction, Abuse & Dependency Alcohol works as a downer, which is why you feel more relaxed and at ease when drinking after a long day at the office. Learn what role alcohol is playing in your health and how to overcome heavy drinking.

    86. Empowered Recovery If you know someone who’s in need of help, this site helps you approach that person with an open heart that will make them feel safe and loved versus creating a threatening environment that may cause them to get defensive.

Alcohol Recovery Support Messageboards and Forums

Alcoholics who are recovering and their loved ones can find solace in the support of those going through the same journey at these alcohol recovery messageboards.

    87. The Sober Village Here, recovering alcoholics share stories and provide a support system for getting through the tough times when turning away from the bottle.

    88. Active Boards – Alcoholics Anonymous AA members share tidbits about their lives, what brought on drinking and how they overcame the addiction.

    89. 12 Step Forums This site is for those who are in the progress of the 12 step program or have used it to successfully quit an addiction.

    90. Alcoholics Anonymous Boards This site isn’t officially linked to AA, but is a fantastic online resource for finding information about the program in your area and meeting up with other AA members for support.

    91. Sober Recovery Forums For those going through a recovery program or loved ones who want to understand the disease and how to show love without enabling, this site is one you must bookmark.

    92. Addiction Recovery Guide Here, all types of addicts share stories and support each other to make it through another day or get through a tough situation without relapsing.

    93. Experience Project – Am A Recovering Alcoholic Folks from around the globe share their recovery stories and how they are able to face each day without touching the bottle.

    94. Check Yourself At this site, teens with addiction problems post their”moment of truth” which explains how and when they realized they had an issue with substance or alcohol abuse.

    95. iVillage – Alcohol Addictions Recovery At this messageboard, recovering addicts and alcoholics leave messages to support each other and provide inspiration for overcoming obstacles when trying to recovery.

    96. Psych Forums – Alcohol Addiction This site is all about finding resources on the web for recovering alcoholics and their loved ones. It’s a great resource for those who need additional help to find support in their area.

Recovering from alcohol abuse is usually a task best tackled with the support of those around you, but in crunch time, you must remember that all you need to overcome any addiction is already inside of you. Looking for support in church, spiritual practices, loved ones and counselors or therapists will help you get through the most difficult portions of recovery and live to see a healthier future.