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Little Known Facts About Big Island

Most of us know that it’s one of the most perfect locations for a dream vacation, but how many of us know that Hawaii is actually in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and as far from the California as the width of the USA? (It is 2,500 miles from California while the east to west breadth of the USA is roughly 2,800 miles). If you’re looking for fun and interesting facts about Hawaii and Big Island, read on:

  • It is the most isolated island (where people live) in the world – situated at a distance of around 2,500 miles from California, 4,000 miles from Japan, 5,000 miles from China and 5,000 miles from the Philippines, it is literally in the middle of nowhere.
  • It is the longest island chain in the world – the Hawaiian archipelago comprises islands that are spread over a distance of more than 1,500 miles. This also makes it the widest state in the USA when measured from east to west.
  • The land area of Hawaii keeps increasing because of volcanic eruptions.
  • The archipelago has the most advanced telecommunications system in the world. It is one of the five US states that use 100 percent digital switching for telephone systems and also boasts the most length of fiber optic cable per mile, per capita in the USA.
  • It is the only state in the USA that has its own time zone.
  • Lanai in Hawaii is the third largest producer of pineapples in the world.
  • It is the only state in the USA where coffee is grown.
  • Big Island of Hawaii is the world’s largest producer of macadamia nuts and orchids.
  • The state is home to the world’s largest bird sanctuary – the Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge.
  • It is also home to the only royal palace in the USA, the Iolani Palace located in Honolulu. Incidentally, the palace had electric lights four years before they were installed in the White House.
  • Speaking of Honolulu, it is technically the world’s largest city (it is around 1,500 miles long) because it spans the entire island of Oahu and all the neighbouring islands that do not belong to any county. It is also the second most expensive city in the USA.
  • Hawaii has the highest population density (the number of people per square mile) in the USA.
  • Hawaii is home to the place with the highest rainfall in the USA – Mt. Waialeale.
  • Some islands in Hawaii have laws that require buildings to be less than or equal to the height of a palm tree.
  • Big Island is home to the world’s tallest mountain when measured from its base on the ocean floor.
  • Big Island’s Ka Lae’s claim to fame is that it is the southernmost point in the USA and that it features a constant wind that blows at 27 knots, every hour of the day, every day of the year.
  • One island of Hawaii is privately owned – Niihau, which has a population of around 250, prohibits access to the general public. Entry is by invitation only, either from the owners or the people who live on the island.