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33 Interesting and Inspiring Academics Worth Following on Twitter

When you are studying for your Ph.D., it can help to have access to resources that can provide you with insight and ideas. The Internet offers the chance to learn online, as well as connect with knowledgeable people who can help you enhance your ability to learn.

One of the online tools for connecting with others is Twitter. You can find people who have completed Ph.D. programs, and those who work in academia. If you are looking for some first-rate academics to follow on Twitter, here are 33 suggestions:

Business, Communications and Media

If you are interested learning about business, communications and media, you can follow some of these academics who know about the landscape. Plenty of good insights from professors about making money, keeping it, and what to tell the public.

  1. @Nouriel: This professor at NYU is an expert on global economics, and knows a great deal about business.
  2. @doctorious: You can learn a lot about communications and business from this teacher and writer. Plenty of great insights — if you can get clearance to read his protected tweets.
  3. @vargasl: This communications and marketing professional. She is also a symbolic analyst, which makes for a very interesting opportunity to learn from this academic.
  4. @therefore: Learn from this emerging media profesor. Includes experimental communications and research.
  5. @drgilpin: Public relations expert and academic offers insight into business communications, media and more.
  6. @BelugaBoyd: This entrepreneur is about sustainable development. This former professor is still academically plugged in, and has plenty of thoughtful things to tweet.
  7. @SCMProfessor: Learn about supply chain management, collaborative management, and more. Even more interesting because he is retired Air Force.
  8. @stylexplorers: Marketing, advertising and social media. Plenty of different aspects of business and communication.
  9. @ProfCarol: This economics professor is creative and interesting, and can help you with business information.

Science, Math, Technology and Medicine

Learn about the latest in science and medicine, as well as math, by following these Twitterers. Some great information and more related to hard sciences. Interesting tweets, and insights into breakthroughs.

  1. @m_scott: Instructional technology expert can help you learn more about technology and more.
  2. @MarcusduSautoy: This math and science professor in Britain has a specialty in helping with public understanding of science and math.
  3. @DoctorRobin: This academic and doctor considers herself a healer. Learn more about the basics of compassionate medicine.
  4. @DrAmorWellness: Public health professor offers a look at medicine and more.
  5. @mathematicsprof: Learn more about math, and differential equations, from this inspiring professor.
  6. @DoTryThisAtHome: Alex, from, offers a look at some of the best on the Web in physics.
  7. @RiceEarthSci: Rice University academics keep you up to date on earth science, and more.
  8. @divbyzero: Math professor offering great insights into math, science and technology. Plenty of cool tweets and links.
  9. @toddkashdan: Psychology researcher and professor. Learn more about the science of happiness, as well as what makes the brain tick when it comes to finding the meaning of life.

Law and Policy

Great information about law and public policy. Study what these academics have to say about what’s happening with the law, and learn about what makes good public policy. Plenty of insights on how things work in the world of law and politics.

  1. @stevemeltzer: Learn more about privacy law, and read interesting thoughts and tweets on non-profit law. Plenty of academic insight into different types of law from this professor and community volunteer.
  2. @TradeSecretLaw: Inspiring and interesting tweets from this business lawyer. Great hints, as well as thoughts on life, sports and more. This writer and speaker is also working on learning to be a better baker.
  3. @thejimjams: Cool law professor with a specialty in media law. Great insights, and interesting policy discussions.
  4. @shaunjamison: Law professor knows plenty about life, as well as law. Learn more about estate planning, law and policy. You can also read interesting tweets on life and triathlon.
  5. @drdigipol: Pioneer in teaching politics online. Plenty of insight into policy and politics. A great way to learn more about politics, and how policy and law are made in this country.
  6. @HHRadio: Broadcasting law professor knows about media law, and other subjects. This academic has plenty of interesting tidbits to share.
  7. @TCDPoliticalSci: The academics at Trinity in Dublin share their insights into policy, politics and more. A great way to get information and interesting ideas about the state of politics on a global scale.
  8. @MarkARKleiman: Public policy professor at UCLA. You can see some great tweets about politics and policies. This professor’s specialty is crime law and drug law. Plenty of interesting — and sometimes controversial — stuff.

Liberal Arts and Other Arts

These great academics can help you learn about what is going on in the world of liberal arts. You can learn about philosophy, literature, and performance arts, as well as other arts, by following these Twittering professors.

  1. @mikejjohnson: Not only is this music professor a composer, but he’s also an engineer. As you might imagine, there are plenty of interesting insights on various subjects from this academic.
  2. @captain_primate: Interesting professor with a background in anthropology and cultural heritage. There are plenty of cool insights from this professor.
  3. @ethicsblogger: Always fascinating information about ethics, business and governance from this expert.
  4. @billwolff: Writing arts professor offers insight on media, Internet and photography as well. Pick his creative brain to find out more about what’s happening in the world of academia with regard to the arts.
  5. @ryanseslow: This artist and composer offers insights. You can get information on great events happening, and read inspirational tweets from this “good energy spreader” that can inspire you in your own efforts.
  6. @roomynaqvy: Not only does this English professor teach, but he is also a translator and writer. You can read inspirational quotes, and get a lot of interesting news with an interesting perspective.
  7. @drkent: Publishing expert and musician offers insight into arts and creativity. He is also a faculty director of leadership and service. In this way, you have plenty of interesting tweets to read. Check out the inspiring stories and get inspired to make your own.

25 Great Sites for Free Online Study Materials

What did our parents, grandparents, etc. do before the internet ever came around? Luckily, the tech generation never has to know the answer firsthand. Studying, learning, and even taking college level courses has never been easier or more convenient. Students can now get entire works of literature, study guides, and other resources to make sense of it all without leaving their homes or removing their ear buds.

If you need some help with studying but are light on the wallet, we have help. Below, we have gathered 25 great sites for free online study materials. Everyone from those in grade school to graduate students and even teachers will all find something useful for them. (more…)

10 Tenets to a Better Life

It’s a very simple title for a blog post that deals with something that’s not so simple at all; ideally, life should be simple and easy, yet we tend to make it complicated by wanting more than we have, by never being content and satisfied, and by refusing to accept things are they are. When we talk of a better life, the comparison is not to the lives of others, but to our own existence – we must strive to make good become better, and better become the best. The improvement we must seek is not along monetary, material or professional lines, but rather on the enrichment of the soul. And to this end, here are ten tenets to a better and more fulfilling life:

  1. 1. Expect little, do more – it’s hard to put into practice initially, but when you strive to bring down your expectations and experience the happiness you get from doing things for the people you love, it becomes easier.
  2. 2. It’s better to walk away from an argument or a fight than to speak harsh words which you could regret later and which could lead to the destruction of valuable relationships.
  3. 3. People are more valuable than possessions – remember this the next time your child spills coffee inadvertently on your fancy shirt just as you’re leaving for work and you’re tempted to punish them for it.
  4. 4. Find the strength to remove yourself from relationships that are destructive and which leave you drained of all happiness and joy.
  5. 5. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for the people who really matter in your life.
  6. 6. If you have the chance to be the bigger person in any situation, don’t hesitate to be so. And while you’re at it, don’t expect accolades for giving in or expect the other person to acknowledge your sacrifice or the fact that you swallowed your ego to give in to their wishes.
  7. 7. Work is important, but family and friends are much more important – you can find another job, but when you destroy relationships, they can never go back to being what they were.
  8. 8. Live your life with some discipline – when you have some amount of self-control, you feel good about yourself.
  9. 9. Set examples for your children by leading a life that you want them to emulate – they become who they are because of you and your relationship with them.
  10. 10.  And most important of all, don’t neglect to care for your soul; just as you eat healthy food and exercise to nourish your body, engage yourself in healthy activities, relationships and emotions nourish your soul.

Little Known Facts About Big Island

Most of us know that it’s one of the most perfect locations for a dream vacation, but how many of us know that Hawaii is actually in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and as far from the California as the width of the USA? (It is 2,500 miles from California while the east to west breadth of the USA is roughly 2,800 miles). If you’re looking for fun and interesting facts about Hawaii and Big Island, read on:

  • It is the most isolated island (where people live) in the world – situated at a distance of around 2,500 miles from California, 4,000 miles from Japan, 5,000 miles from China and 5,000 miles from the Philippines, it is literally in the middle of nowhere.
  • It is the longest island chain in the world – the Hawaiian archipelago comprises islands that are spread over a distance of more than 1,500 miles. This also makes it the widest state in the USA when measured from east to west.
  • The land area of Hawaii keeps increasing because of volcanic eruptions.
  • The archipelago has the most advanced telecommunications system in the world. It is one of the five US states that use 100 percent digital switching for telephone systems and also boasts the most length of fiber optic cable per mile, per capita in the USA.
  • It is the only state in the USA that has its own time zone.
  • Lanai in Hawaii is the third largest producer of pineapples in the world.
  • It is the only state in the USA where coffee is grown.
  • Big Island of Hawaii is the world’s largest producer of macadamia nuts and orchids.
  • The state is home to the world’s largest bird sanctuary – the Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge.
  • It is also home to the only royal palace in the USA, the Iolani Palace located in Honolulu. Incidentally, the palace had electric lights four years before they were installed in the White House.
  • Speaking of Honolulu, it is technically the world’s largest city (it is around 1,500 miles long) because it spans the entire island of Oahu and all the neighbouring islands that do not belong to any county. It is also the second most expensive city in the USA.
  • Hawaii has the highest population density (the number of people per square mile) in the USA.
  • Hawaii is home to the place with the highest rainfall in the USA – Mt. Waialeale.
  • Some islands in Hawaii have laws that require buildings to be less than or equal to the height of a palm tree.
  • Big Island is home to the world’s tallest mountain when measured from its base on the ocean floor.
  • Big Island’s Ka Lae’s claim to fame is that it is the southernmost point in the USA and that it features a constant wind that blows at 27 knots, every hour of the day, every day of the year.
  • One island of Hawaii is privately owned – Niihau, which has a population of around 250, prohibits access to the general public. Entry is by invitation only, either from the owners or the people who live on the island.

Top 96 Blogs for Recovering Alcoholics

Every year, millions of Americans become recovering alcoholics. Whether it’s your first time recovering from addiction or a relapse that you’re determined to bring yourself out of, these blogs and websites will aide recovering alcoholics on their journey to break an addiction. Excessive drinking often leads to more severe drug use, but even on its own, it can take a toll on your liver and other organs, causing you to go far before your time’s up. Keep a strong support system around you, whether that’s comprised of family members or close friends and recovering addict counselors.

Top AA and 12 Step Blogs

The 12 step system is the way many recovering alcoholics choose to kick the habit. These blogs have tips on sticking to the 12 steps and overcoming each one with grace.

    1. Alcoholics Anonymous This is the online home of AA, where recovering alcoholics can seek help and find an AA meeting in their area.

    2. 12 Step Podcast This site no longer updates, but the archived podcasts are just what some need for finding inspiration to make it through each step.

    3. 12 Steps Chatroom At this site, those on the 12 step program share tips for making it through each day and how to overcome daily obstacles that once triggered drinking.

    4. Awakened Rediscoveries The writer of this recovery blog talks about using the 12 step system to overcome his own addictions and shares tips on tackling each step to benefit your life.

    5. The AA Blog This blog discusses knowing when you’re ready for a recovery program and how to find the strength to ask for help when you feel helpless on your own.

    6. 12 Steps Again This site no longer updates, but has a slue of articles on utilizing the 12 step program so it works for you. There are also tips for apps to keep the end goal in mind when in a bar or at a party.

    7. A Global Recovery This site examines addiction recovery programs throughout the world. The 12 step program is used in nearly every country and has been adapted to several different regions.

    8. 12 Step Family This site is the go-to for help and inspiration for sticking with the 12 step program. It has amazing posts from life coaches and recovery counselors who’ve helped people kick their addictions.

    9. Sober Greetings This blogger is going through AA and blogs about it regularly. It’s a great blog for understanding what to expect when going to your first AA meeting.

    10. Jim’s Collection of Spiritual Sayings For those looking for words of wisdom on recovering and coming out of alcohol abuse, this site offers stories of inspiration that will motivate you to stay on the right track.

    11. Being Sober This woman has been sober since the mid-‘80s using the AA method. Read about her daily struggles and use her as an inspiration to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    12. Maui Historian This blog is all about the background of the AA program so many recovering addicts find helpful when needing guidance to quit drinking or doing drugs.

    13. Texan Dave This blogger shows you how to keep your head up when times are tough and has used AA to kick drinking. He’s been sober for a few years and blogs on his hardships.

    14. Addiction Blog – Alcohol This is one of the most comprehensive blogs we’ve come across that will help an alcoholic identify their addiction and move forward to a 12 step program for recovery.

    15. Recovered Alcoholic This recovery blog deciphers the 12 steps for those going through them or loved ones who are serving as support system for a recovering addict. It also talks about how to approach someone you think may have a drinking problem.

Top Blogs for Recovering Alcoholics

Here, blogs and websites take a look at the trigger causes of relapsing and how to avoid situations that may cause you to abuse alcohol.

    16. Mark Houston Recovery Blog At this site, you’ll find tips for dealing with many addictions, but the posts aimed at alcoholics will help you identify the problems in your life that are causing excessive drinking.

    17. About Alcoholism For recovering alcoholics who are taking it one day at a time, this site provides endless inspiration and tips for making it through each day.

    18. Dry Blog For those who can handle a bit of humor with their recovery, this alcohol recovery blog is brilliant for getting inspirational quotes and seeing how addictions have evolved over the years.

    19. My Way Out This site no longer updates, but the archived articles are a must-read for recovering alcoholics. The post over how to deal with alcohol at holiday parties is a great read with tips you can use.

    20. Early Recovery This blog is penned by a recovering alcoholic who talks about the major changes that come with altering your lifestyle to stay away from booze.

    21. Addiction Recovery Blog This site is brought to you by a recovering addict who takes it one day at a time. It talks about laughter, letting go and how to find your inner strength. It’s a must-read for those who feel they’re alone in this struggle.

    22. Brighton Hospital This site no longer publishes, but the past posts include heavy topics that every recovering addict must tackle at one point when breaking a bad habit.

    23. Malibu Beach Recovery Blog This blog is an extension of a recovery center’s website and talks about how to realize you’re ready for a recovery program and strong enough to come out successful.

    24. Choose Help This recovery blog gives you plenty of stats that just may scare you straight when it comes to alcohol abuse. Learn how quickly alcohol abuse can cause your life to switch gears, especially when you’re unaware of how fast your drinking is getting out of control.

    25. Karen’s Aha Moments This alcohol recovery blog no longer updates, but the years of archived posts will show you one woman’s journey of overcoming drinking and living to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

    26. One Day at a Time…Through My Eyes This recovering alcoholic talks about her development with the AA program and lives a”normal” life while keeping her drinking in check.

Blogs on How to Cope with Recovering

Recovering from any addiction is not easy. Some look to religion, while others take a spiritual approach that includes new wave practices like yoga and meditation.

    27. Steveroni’s Blog This blogger is 36 years sober and loving life thanks to a new outlook brought on by alcohol recovery. The blog takes a realistic look at being a recovering alcoholic and has nuggets of wisdom for those going through a similar journey.

    28. Sober Celebrations If you need to get away, but fear the temptation of alcohol when you’re on vacation, check out this site for sober cruises where everyone is staying away from the bottle.

    29. AA – Big Book Online This AA site has a bevy of stories on recovering and getting yourself through each day with the big picture in mind.

    30. Two Listeners For those who’ve found God while recovering from an addiction, this site offers a fresh outlook that will help you stay away from alcohol for good.

    31. She’s In Recovery From Addiction This recovery blog is aimed at women and teaching them how to move onward and upward with their independence and self-assurance.

    32. Sober Stock This is an annual event where recovering alcoholics can meet and mingle and listen to music played by recovering musicians.

    33. He Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying This recovering alcoholic has been sober for a number of years and shows others that it’s appreciating the little things that will improve your quality of life in the long run.

    34. I’m Just F.I.N.E. This blogger dealt with an alcoholic parent growing up and is now with an alcoholic companion who is seeking recovery. Read about her personal struggle and the unconditional love that helps the situation, rather than hurting it with mindless words.

    35. Surrender Towin Read about this addict’s recovery and how to take it one day at a time, even when your world seems to be caving in and you feel yourself relapsing.

    36. Mr. SponsorPants This blog is penned by an AA sponsor. It proves that sometimes tough love is just what a recovering addict needs to shake themselves of a bad habit.

    37. SoberNuggets This recovering alcoholic encourages others to participate in this blog via comments to share inspiration with each other and even a laugh or two.

    38. No More Merlot This blog provides an eye opening look at the life of a mother who is regaining her confidence and recovering from alcohol abuse, giving herself and her family, a new lease on life.

    39. Attitude of Gratitude Sometimes taking the time to say what you’re thankful for is enough to get you through each day with ease. This site shows you how to appreciate the little things in your life and move forward with recovery.

    40. Zane Jabbers This blog no longer publishes, but the archived posts are a simple look at life through the eyes of a recovering alcoholic. One of the best tips it offers is closing each day by naming what you’re thankful for in life.

    41. Elegant Blessings This blogger has been sober for decades and shares tips on looking at life with a new perspective after stepping away from alcohol.

Blogs with Innovative Approaches to Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

If you’re a recovering alcoholic who’s battled addiction before and been through the 12 step program, you may consider these new, innovative approaches to kicking an addiction for good.

    42. 1 Door Away from Heaven This recovering addict uses the power of poetry to cope with feelings and the urge to relapse. Even if you have no background in writing, expressing your thoughts on paper can help clear your mind and get through the day.

    43. Recover Forever This site has links to alternative recovery programs around the United States for those who want to go beyond the local AA meetings.

    44. Habit Doc This recovery program talks about changing your habits through cognitive therapy which eventually sinks in and helps you say no to the bottle on your own.

    45. Alternatives for Alcoholism This amazing blog outlines the different alternative recovery programs you can explore when the 12 step program hasn’t worked for you.

    46. The Alcohol Treatments This site talks about the different types of treatments an alcoholic can look into when trying to find a program that will help them succeed for the long haul.

    47. Spiritual River – How to Overcome Addiction Without Traditional Recovery Techniques A 12 step program isn’t the only road to success. Learn about exercise and spiritual awakenings which can also lead to a healthy lifestyle for good.

    48. Addicted to More – Alternatives to AA Those for looking for recovery methods outside of AA will benefit from reading this addiction blog.

    49. Eclectic Recovery This blogger was able to put an end to her addictions with the help of eclectic recovery, which is the severe lifestyle change that some addicts may need to force them to break a habit.

    50. Moderation Management Maybe your drinking habits aren’t totally out of control, but you’re still consuming more than the average person. This site shows you how to get moderate drinking problems in check before problems balloon beyond your control.

    51. LifeRing With the help of affirmations and empowering yourself. It also talks about supporting others for ultimate success for recovering addicts.

    52. Women for Sobriety This recovery blog is more for those who need words of encouragement when struggling with addiction. It’s aimed at women who want to help other women with their recovery journey.

    53. Charlotte Kasl – 16 Step Program This program revolves around finding courage and power within yourself to overcome any obstacle in life. While it takes courage to undergo this type of treatment for addiction, it has proven to be very successful for a wide audience.

    54. Smart Recovery Program This recovery program uses common sense and provides recovering addicts with the tools they need to say no to their drug of choice. It also works with sponsors, but encourages members to make their own decisions.

    55. Rational Recovery For those who don’t want to take a spiritual approach to recovery, this blog talks about alternative methods that can work if you’re willing to put in the time and have the proper support system around you.

    56. HAMS – Alcohol Harm Reduction Support This organization believes it’s up to the individual to make a change to improve his or her quality of life. HAMS offers peer support via video and web chat.

Detox Blogs for Alcoholics

Detoxing your body will help it get back on track and start running as it should. These blogs discuss detox at length for alcoholics who are looking to make a comeback.

    57. Detox Your Body Today – Alcohol Detox Learn the effects alcohol has on the body after years of excessive consumption and how to flush toxins from your body while getting healthy.

    58. Alcohol Detox Advise Learn the best approach for you to take when detoxing your body from alcohol dependency.

    59. Drug and Alcohol Blog This addiction recovery blog talks about the detox treatments you can expect to experience in various recovery centers across the U.S.

    60. Freedom From Alcohol – Alcohol Withdrawal Dealing with alcohol withdrawal can be a gruesome experience. Learn how to cope and get through the most physically grueling part of alcohol abuse.

    61. Alcohol Treatment Info – Alcohol Detox Protocol When going in to a medical facility to deal with alcohol abuse, these are the procedures you can expect when coping with detox and alcohol withdrawal.

    62. Recovery Connection – Alcohol Treatment Detox Programs This blog post is connected with a treatment center. It gives you insight on what will happen when you enter a recovery program that offers detox for your body to get back on track.

    63. FreshStart Private – Detox Treatment This blog works with a treatment center that offers both in-patient and residential detox programs. It talks about the level of drinking you’ll have to had endured to qualify for a detox program.

    64. eHow – Alcohol Detox Tips Detoxing from alcohol can be done at home, if you have the right tools and someone watching over you to ensure you don’t relapse or choke if having a withdrawal.

    65. eHow – About Alcohol Detox Learn what alcohol detox is and what your body will undergo to gain footing to care for itself once again.

    66. eHow – Alcohol Detox for Women Women’s bodies undergo a different process when coping with alcohol detox. Learn what to expect whether you’re attempting to detox on your own at home or going to a recovery center.

    67. Canada Drug Rehab – Detox Medical Alcohol Drug Rehab Programs At this site you’ll learn how to find a rehab center in Canada, but it also gives you a complete rundown of the various types of detoxification programs out there for recovering alcoholics.

    68. Aging in Canada – Detoxification This blog is aimed at seniors with alcohol abuse problems. It talks about the detox steps taken for those who are in old age and how to bounce back from an addiction.

    69. Alcohol Detox Programs Learn why not everyone goes through a detox program when entering a recovery center. It is not a method that’s used for every recovering alcoholic, and it’s best to leave the decision up to professionals.

    70. Alcohol Drug Rehab Directory Read about the stages of alcohol withdrawal and how a detoxification program can help curb withdrawal symptoms, even for the most severe alcoholics.

    71. Alcoholic Addiction Info – What Helps for Alcohol Withdrawals While there’s no cure all for every type of alcohol withdrawal, this site helps you understand what to expect if you spend time with someone as they go with withdrawals. It’s important to mentally prepare yourself if you’re about to see a loved one go through such an ordeal.

Blogs on Seeking Help as an Alcoholic

It can be difficult to ask for help when you’ve hit rock bottom. These sites show you how to reach out for help and how to graciously accept the love from people who are trying to help you recover from alcohol abuse.

    72. Cyber Recovery At this site, you’ll find tips on finding recovering programs in your area. If you aren’t ready for recovery of the conventional type, this site also provides a safe haven of sorts before you take that big step.

    73. Addiction Recovery Basics At this site you’ll discover how to prep your family and yourself for going into recovery. It also has a helpful section on red flags loved ones should keep an eye on when dealing with a recovering alcoholic.

    74. Alcoholism Support Identifying the underlying problems of what makes you drink is the message of this site. While it doesn’t compensate for a recovery program, it does help you prepare for coming to terms with real solutions for your drinking problem.

    75. Alcohol Recovery Online Blog This blog talks about the health problems that alcohol encourages and how to reach out and help an alcoholic who needs help without turning them off.

    76. Addiction Tribe At this site you’ll find online resources for finding addiction help in your area and you can also mingle with others struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

    77. Recovery Zone Learn how to ask for help and how accept help, love and compassion from those who want to see you succeed. You can also follow the blog on Twitter for daily inspiration.

    78. Addiction Advisor – Motivate Someone to Seek Help for Alcoholism If you’re wondering how to support someone who has come to you with thoughts of their alcohol abuse, this site provides a great crash course in how to be a rock during tough times.

    79. Spiritual River –How to Help an Alcoholic Appropriately supporting a recovering alcoholic doesn’t mean becoming a yes man and catering to their every whim. Learn the right ways to support someone struggling with addiction.

    80. Reach Out – Helping a Friend with a Drinking Problem Learn how to approach a friend or family member who you think is drinking excessively to deal with life’s problems.

    81. Health Product Advice – Negative Effects of Alcoholism and Where to Seek Help for It Learn what you’re putting your body through by consuming numerous drinks per day and how to reach out to someone you love for help and support through your recovery.

    82. How Do I Get My Son Off Drugs? – Whose Help Can an Alcoholic Seek? Many addicts do not want to turn to family or friends of help. This article breaks down other people who are willing to help you seek recovery.

    83. All About Life Challenges – Alcohol Addiction Learn how to identify a drinking problem and the next steps to take to ensure it doesn’t lead to your demise.

    84. Help Guide – Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Self-Help Before any counselor, therapist or family member can support your lifestyle change, you must first look within yourself and find the courage to make those changes for good.

    85. Medic8 – Alcohol, Addiction, Abuse & Dependency Alcohol works as a downer, which is why you feel more relaxed and at ease when drinking after a long day at the office. Learn what role alcohol is playing in your health and how to overcome heavy drinking.

    86. Empowered Recovery If you know someone who’s in need of help, this site helps you approach that person with an open heart that will make them feel safe and loved versus creating a threatening environment that may cause them to get defensive.

Alcohol Recovery Support Messageboards and Forums

Alcoholics who are recovering and their loved ones can find solace in the support of those going through the same journey at these alcohol recovery messageboards.

    87. The Sober Village Here, recovering alcoholics share stories and provide a support system for getting through the tough times when turning away from the bottle.

    88. Active Boards – Alcoholics Anonymous AA members share tidbits about their lives, what brought on drinking and how they overcame the addiction.

    89. 12 Step Forums This site is for those who are in the progress of the 12 step program or have used it to successfully quit an addiction.

    90. Alcoholics Anonymous Boards This site isn’t officially linked to AA, but is a fantastic online resource for finding information about the program in your area and meeting up with other AA members for support.

    91. Sober Recovery Forums For those going through a recovery program or loved ones who want to understand the disease and how to show love without enabling, this site is one you must bookmark.

    92. Addiction Recovery Guide Here, all types of addicts share stories and support each other to make it through another day or get through a tough situation without relapsing.

    93. Experience Project – Am A Recovering Alcoholic Folks from around the globe share their recovery stories and how they are able to face each day without touching the bottle.

    94. Check Yourself At this site, teens with addiction problems post their”moment of truth” which explains how and when they realized they had an issue with substance or alcohol abuse.

    95. iVillage – Alcohol Addictions Recovery At this messageboard, recovering addicts and alcoholics leave messages to support each other and provide inspiration for overcoming obstacles when trying to recovery.

    96. Psych Forums – Alcohol Addiction This site is all about finding resources on the web for recovering alcoholics and their loved ones. It’s a great resource for those who need additional help to find support in their area.

Recovering from alcohol abuse is usually a task best tackled with the support of those around you, but in crunch time, you must remember that all you need to overcome any addiction is already inside of you. Looking for support in church, spiritual practices, loved ones and counselors or therapists will help you get through the most difficult portions of recovery and live to see a healthier future.

Top 100 Carpentry Blogs

Whether looking to buy, build, or just fix up a home, chances are you have called on the services of a carpenter. With many charging hundreds of dollars per hour, it can be an expensive call. Save some dough and learn more about the industry before picking up the phone.

To help, we have collected the top 100 carpentry blogs. With entries for everything from residential to commercial, electrical to plumbing, and everything in between, you are sure to find what you are looking for. You can also use many of them to find a licensed professional in your area.

Top Carpentry News Blogs

Get the latest news in carpentry by visiting the below blogs.

    1. Smart Brief
    No matter what industry of carpentry you prefer, there are options for you here. The site keeps up to date with contractors, civil engineers, concrete, roofing, and many other areas of construction and real estate. You can also use it to get news in other industries.

    2. Builder Magazine
    Stop here for an information source for the home building industry. Topics include construction, design, sales, green building, and there is even a Builder TV option with much more.

    3. ENR
    The Engineer News Record also keeps headlines for those interested in carpentry. Options on this site include topics from infrastructure to economics. They even keep cost reports and other white papers on hand.

    4. Science Daily
    Need to learn about the latest building materials or methods used in carpentry? Then check out this science based website that reports on items such as strengthened glass, living buildings, and flaws in current building methods.

    5. Construction News Portal
    This is the blog for news on equipment, cranes, mining, road, and tunnel building news. Check out headlines by the latest, or you can look them up by company, product, machine, and more.

    6. AGC of America
    The Associated General Contractors of America keep a steady news feed of breaking news in the construction industry. You can also find a chapter in your area, get state construction data, and annual reports.

    7. Construction Informer
    Construction news, views, interviews, and more are the topics of this blog. There are also posts on related topics from managing to finance.

    8. Construction Journal
    News headlines in both commercial and residential carpentry are featured here. There are also links to headlines in carpentry education and a project database.

Top Carpentry Contracting Blogs

Learn more about carpentry and contracting in these blogs.

    9. Contracting Business
    Choose from several professional bloggers on this site from energy conservation to women in HVAC. They also feature webcasts, the latest news, and much more.

    10. The General Contractor
    Both homeowners and contractors can find resources here. In addition to the latest news, there are also many blogs to choose from including by city and profession.

    11. Contractor Blab Blog
    This blog is dedicated to helping those with a contracting business and how to grow it. Recent posts are on cutbacks, time well spent, contracting marketing, and business vs. job.

    12. GovCon Blog
    If interested in the government side of contracting and carpentry, visit here. This group often works with the public sector and blogs about how laws affect the business.

    13. The Quirky Contractor
    Mitch is a professional contractor and a “quirky person.” True to form, blog entries take on interesting and quirky topics such as DIY, renovation help, tools under review, and more.

    14. NCMA
    The National Contract Management Association keeps a news feed of the latest happenings in the industry. You can also use the site to get certified, attend events, read one of their publications, or even get connected to other contractors.

    15. Construction Marketing
    Construction marketing strategies and resources are what this blog offers. Topics range on everything from free web tools for contractors to remodeling tips for specific locations.

    16. Contractor Talk
    If you haven’t found what you are looking for in the above contracting blogs, click here. They are forums specifically for contractors to ask and answer questions.

Top Residential Carpentry Blogs

Home construction is the focus of these carpentry blogs.

    17. A Concord Carpenter
    You don’t have to live in this part of Massachusetts to take advantage of the blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Robert Robillard is a professional carpenter and shares more on his blog here. He even offers a weekly tool giveaway.

    18. Home Construction Improvement
    Expert home improvement advice is featured here. Every subject from power tools to structure gets its fair share of blog entries.

    19. Journal of Light Construction
    This is a monthly publication for builders and remodelers. Check out the featured articles on the homepage, or get more information from their JLC TV channel.

    20. Home Fixated
    Visit here for “where the DIY meets the LOL.” Loads of expert how-to guides are featured, as well as tips for what not to do.

    21. Building Moxie
    This blog has tips for both home and neighborhood. With a tagline of “do together daily,” it is a great way to get others involved in carpentry.

    22. eBuilders
    If you can imagine it, this blog can help you build it. Stop by for tips on materials, fixtures, equipment, contractors, and even home building plans.

    23. Housing Zone
    Both professional builders and remodelers can stop here for entries for both inside and outside of the home. A recent entry was on a tankless water heater.

    24. HomeStars
    They offer a free service for homeowners to find reputable renovators, repairmen, and retailers by searching its database of almost two million companies. Visit to read testimonials or write your own.

Top Commercial Carpentry Blogs

Everything from strip malls to skyscrapers are part of these carpentry blogs.

    25. Facilities Net
    Facility management and other professional carpentry resources are found here. Choose from lighting, fire safety, or many other topics covered by blog posts or webcasts.

    26. Construction & Demolition Recycling
    Learn how to both tear it down and build it up on this blog. Videos, news, and more help you do just that.

    27. Constructonomics
    Stop here for a construction blog that “dips below bedrock.” Popular posts include global warming and the $13.5 million project.

    28. Shelterforce
    Visit this blog for the journal of affordable housing and community building. In addition to the blog, you can also get research, jobs, and web exclusives.

    29. Site-K Construction Zone
    This blog actually features a column called The Daily Dirt on the industry. You can also get new entries on all sorts of construction topics as well as items on new and used equipment.

    30. Site Prep
    Learn everything you need to know about prepping a site for commercial carpentry on this blog. Resources are featured both online and in print.

    31. Construction Risk Blog
    Know more about the industry and risk less with the help of this blog. Most popular posts include lawsuits and a ruling on crane safety.

    32. Darren Slaughter
    He helps small and medium sized commercial and residential contractors improve their marketing communications. Check out the blog to see how and get tips for your own carpentry business.

    33. Collaborative Construction Blog
    This company helps stakeholders in the construction industry craft, negotiate, and implement integrated agreements. The latest news and breakthroughs in the industry are also covered in the blog.

    34. Hard Hat Chat
    This is the blog of Englewood Construction in Chicago. They share observations and conversations about commercial construction, development, and management.

Top Carpentry Material Blogs

These blogs involve a specific material or area of construction.

    35. Roofing Contractor
    Learn more about the roofing industry in this blog. The site includes breaking news, digital education, a career center, and more.

    36. Thomas Net
    Learn the latest on materials for carpentry solutions here. Choose from the green, electrical, and many other products.

    37. Walls and Ceilings
    Dry walling and related areas are the focus of this blog. Entries can be on corners, fasteners, code compliance, and much more.

    38. Floor Covering Installer
    Learn loads about flooring and the industry on this blog. You can also check out articles from the latest issue of their magazine.

    39. Appliancist
    Get the latest in home appliance news and trends here. Everything from stoves to air conditioners and outdoor grills are reviewed.

    40. Popular Woodworking
    This magazine helps those at all levels who are interested in working with wood. Check it out to see videos, get project ideas, tool recommendations, and more.

    41. Lighting Trends
    Check out the latest in lighting with a visit to this blog. Home, office, and life designs are all shared.

    42. Materialicious
    Get the more trendy and designer information on materials in this blog. Furniture, lighting, and related items are usually reviewed.

    43. Masonry Work Tools
    Visit this blog for information for tools for bricklayers. Categories include cleaning, mortar, flashing, and even forklifts.

    44. CELOG
    This blog is obsessed with the construction equipment industry. Topics range from agricultural to the World of Concrete tradeshow.

Top Carpentry Design Blogs

Get loads of design inspiration by checking out these blogs.

    45. The Kitchen Designer
    One of the most important rooms in a home, get all sorts of resources for designing a kitchen at this blog. Susan Serra has been a professional designer for over 20 years and shares loads of expert tips.

    46. Curbly
    A DIY design community is the focus of this blog. Topics include furniture, kitchen, crafts, and more.

    47. Old House Web
    Get all sorts of design ideas for older homes on this blog. How-to advice, a green guide, in the garden, and more sections are offered.

    48. Home Edit
    Interior and home design is the focus of this blog. Read the latest entry or get random how to tips such as choosing a fireplace and Feng Shui bedroom.

    49. Home Designing
    Stop here for inspirational home and interior design ideas. Choose from kitchen, bathroom, by style, and even real life house tours.

    50. Design Milk
    Learn about interior design, particularly of furniture and other in home features, on this blog. The latest entry was on an interesting crib design.

    51. Desire to Inspire
    Want to know what the best kitchens of the year were? Then stop at this blog to read the post or get many related ones.

    52. House Home Design
    All three topics are the focus of this blog. Categories range from apartments to wood houses. A recent entry was on a double home in Spain.

    53. Kitchen and Residential Design
    Get notes and anecdotes from a real, professional kitchen designer here. Answers to reader’s questions, tips, and even random thoughts are all shared.

    54. The Style Court
    With both definitions for style and court, this blog prefers to review more open spaces. Top posts are on rules and The Rolling Stones.

    55. Treehugger
    Get the latest in design and architecture from a green point of view here. A fridge that cleans itself and serves meals was the topic of a recent post.

Top Carpentry Electrician Blogs

Learn more about electrical work, wiring, and more on these blogs.

    56. Timothy’s Electrical Blog
    He is a professional electrician and blogger at DIY projects and troubleshooting are just some of the projects dealt with on the blog.

    57. EZ DIY Electricity
    Think electrical work is over your head? Then stop here to get loads of resources on wiring help, how to articles, diagrams, and much more.

    58. The Internet Electrician Blog
    Join Terry for some professional advice and instruction on home wiring projects. Technology and daily life are also topics of posts.

    59. Los Angeles Electrician Blog
    Go inside the mind of Kim Hopkins on this blog. He includes rants, raves, and observations with 30 years of experience to draw on.

    60. Geocaching Electrical Safety Blog
    Although this isn’t a traditional carpentry electrical blog, Johnny still keeps useful electrical tips. Most of them involve geocaching, but the safety elements are definitely worth a read.

    61. Outdoor Electrical Safety Check
    Similar to the above, this is a guide all about safety information for electricians. Contents include safety devices, the outdoors, hazards, and more.

    62. Green Power Easy
    Doing a carpentry project with a green frame of mind? Then check out this electrical blog to get the latest reviews in green power products.

    63. Electrical Contractor
    Click here for a resource in electrical trade, contracting, and even the consuming side of the business. New entries are sparse but useful tips are included.

    64. Call 811
    Why should you call the number or read before starting an electrical project? Because your very safety, as well as the neighborhood power sources, are at stake.

Top Carpentry Plumbing Blogs

Get your pipes right with the below carpentry blogs.

    65. Plumbing
    Visit here for another carpentry blog, this one on plumbing, from Must reads include how to unclog a drain and five tips for pricing plumbers.

    66. Quality 1st Plumbing Repair
    Everything from commercial plumbing to the DIY is discussed on this blog. You can also send in your plumbing questions or read the latest entry.

    67. 1-800 Anytime
    These carpenters and contractors have a special section for plumbing, along with answers to many common questions. You can also find items on electrical and HVAC.

    68. Watersense
    Quiz your own home or project’s water efficiency with a visit to this EPA sponsored site. You can test your own water sense, calculate savings on a project, and even find rebates near you.

    69. Plumbing and Mechanical
    The latest news in the plumbing and mechanical industry is featured here. You can also get blogs, videos, and more.

    70. The Faucet Site
    Stop here for a showcase of faucets and plumbing fixtures on one blog. Links to many popular makers are also included.

    71. My Plumbing Portal
    A variety of bloggers comment on the happenings of the plumbing and piping industry. Visitors can also read the latest news, get buyer’s guide, and even check out RJ’s Tool Bin.

    72. Nootbaar Plumbing
    This is a licensed, bonded, insured, family owned, and operated full service plumbing company. Everything from shower curtains to kitchen island upgrades is shared.

Top Carpentry Renovation Blogs

Learn how to remodel, renovate, or redo any project with the help of these blogs.

    73. One Project Closer
    If your to-do list is a mile long, tackle it one project at a time on this blog. There are tool reviews, how to guides, and even coupons for the carpenters.

    74. Remodel Buddy
    This company specializes in helping people renovate their homes. Check out the blog to get even more tips, or watch videos on the subject.

    75. Calfinder
    These nationwide remodelers have loads to say about the subject. Popular posts include turning a garage into a dream home and Christmas ideas.

    76. Remodelista
    Get a “sourcebook for the considered home” here. You can get inspired, choose which room to renovate, and even get the latest design news.

    77. Homeowner’s Blog
    Home improvement with an eye on sustainability is what you will find on this blog. Best of the posts include making a French drain and a well pump pressure switch.

    78. 100K House
    All things modern, affordable, and green are covered here. The blog began as a record for an attempt to build a LEED home for $100,000 and has since evolved into this popular blog.

    79. Young House Love
    Sherry and John are a young married couple and are looking to upgrade their 50 year old home. See how and get other family news with a visit.

    80. Kathy’s Remodeling Blog
    In addition to sharing her own DIY remodeling stories, Kathy also asks readers to send in their own. You can read them all from additions to windows.

    81. Rambling Renovations
    Click here for the blog of a designing couple who are eager to put their handyman skills to use in their renovation project. Great reads for year’s end are the topic of the latest post.

    82. Retro Renovation
    Pam Kueber is your guide to renovation for post war homes. The blog is also a daily dose of mid-century renovation resource, design inspiration, vintage finds, and friends all interested in cherishing their homes.

    83. A(nother) Renovation Blog
    See how they do renovation carpentry overseas in this blog. Kayba is from London where she is currently renovating her home and blogs all about it.

Top Carpentry Podcasts

Learn more about carpentry with a listen and even look below.

    84. Handyguys Podcast
    Work together on the to-do list at this podcast. The Handy Guys take on everything from recessed lighting to making a sandwich the handy way.

    85. Full Episodes
    Why listen to a podcast a few minutes long when you can watch entire episodes of HGTV series on their website. Top choices for carpenters currently include “All American Handyman” and “Bang for Your Buck.”

    86. Video Library
    The DIY Network is where thousands of handymen stop to learn and watch all sorts of projects. With loads of choices in just the Most Popular section, make time for this site.

    87. How To
    Ever wish you could take one of those guys from Home Depot home with you? Then get the next best thing by checking out their expert how to guides listed right on the site.

    88. Projects
    Not to be outdone, Lowe’s also has a special how to section for various projects around the home. You can also get home ideas and a personalized help center.

    89. Fine Homebuilding
    The video library of this massive site contains entries on everything from drilling holes to inspecting a chimney. There are also tons of how-to entries, a tool guide, blogs, and even a gallery.

    90. Tool Talk
    Not to be confused with the show, this is actually a podcast on all things relating to tools. Although there are over 60 episodes to choose from, it has been a while since the last one.

    91. OBP
    From the same blog as the above, this is the home of One Beer Projects. Although they have also stopped making new episodes, projects such as fixing the dryer and repairing wood surfaces can still be found.

Top Specialty Carpentry Blogs

These carpentry blogs deal with a specific aspect of the business.

    92. Construction Law
    Walker Duke is an attorney and represents companies in construction law. Visit his blog to get the latest in rulings and law news.

    93. Construction Law Musings
    Like the above, Christopher Hill is a lawyer specializing in construction law. However, his blog tends to lead towards musings on both construction and law, along with everything in between.

    94. Construction Software Review
    Just as technology is taking over every business, carpentry is no exception. Visit here to get the latest in software reviews before spending hundreds on an item.

    95. Toolmonger
    If you love tools as much as this blogger does, you’ll both be happy with a visit here. In addition to reviewing tools, they also specialize in breaking them and invite you to submit your own for review.

    96. Kevin Palmer House Painting Blog
    Learn more about interior and exterior painting on this blog. Kevin Palmer is a painting company that serves Connecticut but offers tips to everyone who checks out the blog.

    97. A Woodworking Odyssey
    Rookster took a woodworking class in 2003 and fell in love with it. Check out his blog to get useful carpentry tips such as building your own bandsaw.

    98. Dan’s Shop
    Another wood working blog, Dan enjoys working with hand tools. A recent entry asked readers about a mystery tool.

    99. Full Chisel
    Get carpentry the old way on this blog. Hand tools and elbow grease are often the topic of posts.

    100. Custom Furniture Building
    If you wish to extend your carpentry skills to something you can sit on, click here. Chris Davis informs his readers of the inner workings of the furniture business and shows you items as they are completed.

Be sure and consult an experienced expert before following any of the advice read on the above top 100 carpentry blogs. For example, a leak can only be prevented if the water is off and a shock happens when circuits aren’t tested.

For a free and fun carpentry tool, try Google Sketchup. You can use the free program to design everything from a chair to a building. There are even options to share with the community or get inspired.

10 Traps to Avoid When Choosing an Online Master’s Program

It’s much more common today than it was even a few years ago, and that’s because online education has swept away its criticism and opposition with a swoop. It has risen so high and achieved such great popularity that more and more people are taking to it than ever before. It’s a great way to earn your graduate degree after you’ve spent a few years in the professional world because you don’t have to take time off work and suffer a loss of pay when you decide to go back to school; however, you must watch your step and be wary of the pitfalls that exist before you choose the first school and degree you find. In general, the traps to avoid when choosing an online master’s program include:

1.      Enrolling in a college that is not properly accredited – and by proper, I mean that it has to be regionally accredited or provided credibility by the Distance Education Training Council (DETC).

2.      Choosing an online college that has a dubious reputation – set your sights high and aim for the best in the business; this is the best way to get around the prejudice that precedes and hovers around online degrees.

3.      Applying for and studying a degree that is not going to be accepted by your employer, current or potential, especially if you’re going back to school to further your career.

4.      Choosing the wrong course – a master’s degree is worth the time, effort and money only if it helps you achieve what you want from it; a promotion, a raise, a new job, a change of careers, or just personal satisfaction.

5.      Choosing a school that provides credits which are not going to be accepted at other schools – this is why you must choose schools that are regionally accredited because not many of them accept credits from colleges that are accredited by the DETC.

6.      Applying for a degree without knowing its prerequisites – check to see what GPA the school requires and if they need your GRE or MAT scores as well.

7.      Assuming that your MAT or GRE scores are still valid – most schools don’t accept scores that are more than five years old, and if that is the case with you, you may have to take the exam again.

8.      Enrolling for a course without being aware of its requirements – some programs demand that you spend some time on campus, so if you choose a school that’s far away from where you live, you’re going to find it very difficult to attend these face-to-face classes. Besides the inconvenience, it’s also going to set you back by many an extra dollar.

9.      Failing to check out the course you plan to study – the curriculum and the staff who teach it make a big difference in the knowledge and skills you gain. Research the school’s learning management system software and make enquiries about the kind of interaction you share with your teachers and the online resources you would be allowed access to. Unless your school and course provide a strong student support system, your degree is not worth it.

10.  Paying more than you need to for your degree – ask if your employer is willing to sponsor your education as a way to improve your organization’s resources, and if that does not work out, look for scholarships and grants. Don’t just assume that you’re not eligible and so end up paying a huge interest on a loan or using your savings to fund your education.

Before you enroll in an online master’s program, double check to see that you don’t make mistakes that could come back to haunt you.

3 Plans You Must Formulate When in College

There are various reasons why people choose not to go to college, but most often, there’s just one reason why they choose to earn a degree – they want to secure their future in the safest way possible. A quality education can open doors faster than you can say abracadabra, and with four years of college behind you, you’re ready to enter the job market and seek your fortunes. But before that, you need to lay out certain plans for your future, and three important questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • What do you want to do once you graduate: Do you want to earn another degree or start your job search immediately? If it’s the former, you probably know exactly what you’re looking for when you graduate and you’ve chalked out a plan to attain your goal. If it’s the latter, you need to attend job fairs, meet with your career planning officer, and decide what kind of job you would like to do. Also, it’s not just about choosing what you want to do, but also about deciding where you want to live and how ambitious you are. And if you don’t find a job to your liking, are you willing to settle for second or even third best or do you want to continue your education?
  • What are you willing to do to attain your goals: You may decide to finish your degree faster if it means you get the job of you’ve always wanted. This also means giving up much of your free time and time spent with friends and family members. Also, some jobs may take you far away from the people you love. If so, are you willing to sacrifice proximity to your family and friends in order to establish your career and earn a decent amount of money?
  • How are you going to clear your debts: If you’re one of the few lucky college students who don’t have debt, then all you have to do is find a good job and decide how to plan your finances in the future. You’ll need a sound investment plan and a budget according to which you lead your daily life. But if you have student debt hanging over your head, your first thought is to get rid of it. So you must have a plan to tackle this outstanding amount responsibly and quickly. Some graduates seek to work off their loans through loan forgiveness programs; others prefer to pay the amount back by getting a job that pays well and settling a fixed sum each month.

If you have your future all mapped out by the time you leave college, and if you have a few contingency plans to fall back on, you will be able to deal with any curveball that life throws at you.