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33 Interesting and Inspiring Academics Worth Following on Twitter

When you are studying for your Ph.D., it can help to have access to resources that can provide you with insight and ideas. The Internet offers the chance to learn online, as well as connect with knowledgeable people who can help you enhance your ability to learn.

One of the online tools for connecting with others is Twitter. You can find people who have completed Ph.D. programs, and those who work in academia. If you are looking for some first-rate academics to follow on Twitter, here are 33 suggestions:

Business, Communications and Media

If you are interested learning about business, communications and media, you can follow some of these academics who know about the landscape. Plenty of good insights from professors about making money, keeping it, and what to tell the public.

  1. @Nouriel: This professor at NYU is an expert on global economics, and knows a great deal about business.
  2. @doctorious: You can learn a lot about communications and business from this teacher and writer. Plenty of great insights — if you can get clearance to read his protected tweets.
  3. @vargasl: This communications and marketing professional. She is also a symbolic analyst, which makes for a very interesting opportunity to learn from this academic.
  4. @therefore: Learn from this emerging media profesor. Includes experimental communications and research.
  5. @drgilpin: Public relations expert and academic offers insight into business communications, media and more.
  6. @BelugaBoyd: This entrepreneur is about sustainable development. This former professor is still academically plugged in, and has plenty of thoughtful things to tweet.
  7. @SCMProfessor: Learn about supply chain management, collaborative management, and more. Even more interesting because he is retired Air Force.
  8. @stylexplorers: Marketing, advertising and social media. Plenty of different aspects of business and communication.
  9. @ProfCarol: This economics professor is creative and interesting, and can help you with business information.

Science, Math, Technology and Medicine

Learn about the latest in science and medicine, as well as math, by following these Twitterers. Some great information and more related to hard sciences. Interesting tweets, and insights into breakthroughs.

  1. @m_scott: Instructional technology expert can help you learn more about technology and more.
  2. @MarcusduSautoy: This math and science professor in Britain has a specialty in helping with public understanding of science and math.
  3. @DoctorRobin: This academic and doctor considers herself a healer. Learn more about the basics of compassionate medicine.
  4. @DrAmorWellness: Public health professor offers a look at medicine and more.
  5. @mathematicsprof: Learn more about math, and differential equations, from this inspiring professor.
  6. @DoTryThisAtHome: Alex, from, offers a look at some of the best on the Web in physics.
  7. @RiceEarthSci: Rice University academics keep you up to date on earth science, and more.
  8. @divbyzero: Math professor offering great insights into math, science and technology. Plenty of cool tweets and links.
  9. @toddkashdan: Psychology researcher and professor. Learn more about the science of happiness, as well as what makes the brain tick when it comes to finding the meaning of life.

Law and Policy

Great information about law and public policy. Study what these academics have to say about what’s happening with the law, and learn about what makes good public policy. Plenty of insights on how things work in the world of law and politics.

  1. @stevemeltzer: Learn more about privacy law, and read interesting thoughts and tweets on non-profit law. Plenty of academic insight into different types of law from this professor and community volunteer.
  2. @TradeSecretLaw: Inspiring and interesting tweets from this business lawyer. Great hints, as well as thoughts on life, sports and more. This writer and speaker is also working on learning to be a better baker.
  3. @thejimjams: Cool law professor with a specialty in media law. Great insights, and interesting policy discussions.
  4. @shaunjamison: Law professor knows plenty about life, as well as law. Learn more about estate planning, law and policy. You can also read interesting tweets on life and triathlon.
  5. @drdigipol: Pioneer in teaching politics online. Plenty of insight into policy and politics. A great way to learn more about politics, and how policy and law are made in this country.
  6. @HHRadio: Broadcasting law professor knows about media law, and other subjects. This academic has plenty of interesting tidbits to share.
  7. @TCDPoliticalSci: The academics at Trinity in Dublin share their insights into policy, politics and more. A great way to get information and interesting ideas about the state of politics on a global scale.
  8. @MarkARKleiman: Public policy professor at UCLA. You can see some great tweets about politics and policies. This professor’s specialty is crime law and drug law. Plenty of interesting — and sometimes controversial — stuff.

Liberal Arts and Other Arts

These great academics can help you learn about what is going on in the world of liberal arts. You can learn about philosophy, literature, and performance arts, as well as other arts, by following these Twittering professors.

  1. @mikejjohnson: Not only is this music professor a composer, but he’s also an engineer. As you might imagine, there are plenty of interesting insights on various subjects from this academic.
  2. @captain_primate: Interesting professor with a background in anthropology and cultural heritage. There are plenty of cool insights from this professor.
  3. @ethicsblogger: Always fascinating information about ethics, business and governance from this expert.
  4. @billwolff: Writing arts professor offers insight on media, Internet and photography as well. Pick his creative brain to find out more about what’s happening in the world of academia with regard to the arts.
  5. @ryanseslow: This artist and composer offers insights. You can get information on great events happening, and read inspirational tweets from this “good energy spreader” that can inspire you in your own efforts.
  6. @roomynaqvy: Not only does this English professor teach, but he is also a translator and writer. You can read inspirational quotes, and get a lot of interesting news with an interesting perspective.
  7. @drkent: Publishing expert and musician offers insight into arts and creativity. He is also a faculty director of leadership and service. In this way, you have plenty of interesting tweets to read. Check out the inspiring stories and get inspired to make your own.