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25 Great Sites for Free Online Study Materials

What did our parents, grandparents, etc. do before the internet ever came around? Luckily, the tech generation never has to know the answer firsthand. Studying, learning, and even taking college level courses has never been easier or more convenient. Students can now get entire works of literature, study guides, and other resources to make sense of it all without leaving their homes or removing their ear buds.

If you need some help with studying but are light on the wallet, we have help. Below, we have gathered 25 great sites for free online study materials. Everyone from those in grade school to graduate students and even teachers will all find something useful for them.

Great General Sites for Free Online Study Materials

These sites have loads of subjects at many different levels.

  1. Spark Notes
    This leading site offers loads of online study materials including notes, test prep, videos, and much more. The homepage offers direct links to the top ten study materials for books, literature, tests, and even Shakespeare. You can also get loads of off-topic and procrastination items such as items on the typical female Facebooker, Harry Potter, and crushes.
  2. Cliff Notes
    Ever see someone with a stack of yellow and black striped books? These are commonly referred to as Cliff’s Notes, and they have many online study materials available at no charge. You can check out the top five current contenders, view by subject, and you can even send in your study questions to “Cliff.”
  3. Quizlet
    They are the largest flash card and study game website with over 5 million free sets of flashcards covering every possible subject. Everything from the basics all the way up to the SAT’s are taken on. You can even use the site to make your very own flashcards and share them on the site.
  4. Pink Monkey
    They offer over 460 free study guides. In addition, you can get book notes, reviews, chapter studies, and notes. You can even see their newest study guides in the column on the right.
  5. Book Rags
    Visit here for study guides, lesson plans, book summaries, and more. They also include summaries and criticisms for extra studying. In addition to loads of literature, you can also use them to study history, Shakespeare, and more.
  6. StudyStack
    Similar to Quizlet, this is also a flashcard making and sharing site. Other options include matching, crosswords, hangman, word scrambles, or bug chase. You can also get recommendations on the right.
  7. Open Culture
    Get the best free cultural and educational media on the web here. They feature audio books, expert lectures, and much more all online. You can also check them out for tons of free movies online.
  8. Hippocampus
    Simply choose your subject to begin getting free study guides. They include calculus, science, statistics, and history. They even offer textbooks online.

Great Advanced Sites for Free Online Study Materials

High school, college, and even graduate students can all appreciate and utilize these free online study materials.

  1. Study Guide Zone
    Every subject from business to vocational is covered in these study guides. Simply click on the test you need to take to get loads of study help. Just a few of the choices include the GRE, LSAT, ACT, and many others.
  2. Open Course Ware
    Study just like the students at MIT here. It is the site of their infamous open courseware on every subject from architecture to technology. Many classes come with lectures, study guides, and more.
  3. Grade Saver
    Written and edited by Harvard students, ClassicNotes is just one of the reasons to visit here and offers one of the best book notes available online. Check out the newest or most popular study guides with a visit. They also offer essay editing services and offer writing help.
  4. Study Guides and Strategies
    Join over nine million visitors in accessing 250 topics and 100 exercises in 37 languages on this site. It teaches how to learn, time management, learning with others, and more. Languages from Afrikaans to Turkish are shared.
  5. ProProfs
    They feature knowledge sharing tools and free online education materials. A few of the free tools include a quiz maker, brain games, and flash cards. You can even use them to study for tests such as the SAT and several IT certifications.
  6. Test Prep Review
    Tips for the Accuplacer, or test that helps you determine college course selections, are worth the visit alone. However, there are many free online study guides for tests from AEPA to VTNE. There is also test preparation help and other resources.
  7. Study Beans
    If you are preparing for either or both the SAT and GRE, click here. They offer plans, strategies, and other tools to prepare for the tests. There are also links to practice tests.
  8. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
    If you are in advanced mathematics, it can be difficult to find help anywhere. But you can visit this site with options in number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability. Simply click on your subject to begin.

Other Great Sites for Free Online Study Materials

Check out these other free sites for even more study help.

  1. How to Study
    You may have loads of free online study materials but no idea how to use them. Visit this site to get tips for how to study for a particular subject such as language, math, and even collegiate learning. There is also a section for studiers in Spanish.
  2. Shmoop
    Younger students will enjoy all the free study materials featured online here. There are many learning guides, as well as test prep resources available. The site even has options for AP students and teachers as well.
  3. Free Book Notes
    Studying literature and need some free online materials? Then check out this massive virtual library for help with every title from 1984 to Zoot Suit. Over 1,600 books, plays, and poems are featured.
  4. Project Gutenberg
    Do you have to read a public domain book as part of your studies? Don’t waste your money on the print version or go to a library. Visit here for one of the most comprehensive libraries of online material available with a click. They have over 36,000 free eBooks available in ePub, Kindle, HTML, and plain text formats.
  5. Bibliomania
    Need free, online study materials for literature study? Then stop here for literature on over 2,000 classic texts. You can read the classics right online and even get study help right along with them. Help for teachers is also featured.
  6. Bible SEO
    If you are interested in Christian studies, stop here. This site provides loads of free lessons on the Bible. Choose from studies, topics, and ideas on everything from the beatitudes to Old Testament studies.
  7. Bible Study Lessons
    Similar to the above, this is a free site for Bible study. Lessons are given online and are listed in suggested order. There are also many study guides on verse references, religious confusion, law, and more.
    You don’t have to be a homeschooled student to take advantage of this site, but it doesn’t hurt. A leading source for homeschool learning, you can click free stuff to get all their study help online. There are also paid options and a forum with much more.
  9. Pocket Mod
    But what about when you want to study offline or on paper? Then visit here to create and print your own study materials. Customizable settings offer users the ease of printing study help as small as they need.
    1. And the above 25 great sites for free online study materials are just the beginning. No matter what level of schooling you are in, there is almost always help available in many subjects at little or no charge.